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Secluded beaches,Underwater marvels and Unlimited Sunlight
Romantic maldives

The most romantic hotels on earth. Built for you and your lover.

Action Maldives

Ultimate Adventure collection in Maldives.

Liveabaord Maldives

Explore Maldives by Boat.

Family Maldives

Maldives for the whole family.

Wellness maldives

It is not only for you but for your soul too.

Top Maldives

The ultimate in luxury in Maldives.


Maldives, 99 % of the area is hidden under the crystal clear waters of Indian Ocean, 1 % of Maldives that is the land is 100 % paradise. Maldives, 99 % of the time throughout the year are presenting to its inhabitants and visitors its Sunny side, 1 % of the time are the refreshing and cooling drops of 100 % soothing rain.  Maldives, the land that offers 100 % dream tropical experience.

Maldives with its very unique marine world would attract with no doubts, many divers from all over the world to meet mantas, swim with dolphins, to feel the excitement while encountering the species as hummer head sharks or migrant whales
Maldives, the place that can proudly declare, the environment so clean and unpolluted yet that it heals anybody’s mind and souls.
Maldives, archipelago so romantic and ideal for honeymoon, so safe and friendly that families will enjoy to come in no fear to let the kids run around and play on beach or in the shallow waters of lagoon.

Maldives, the islands inhabited by friendly and hospitable nation.

Hewl and Colours of Maldives, with the fully fledged office in Maldives, Sri Lanka & Czech Republic with a mixture of local and Czech staff is looking forward to welcome the guests to enjoy the best of Maldives. .

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